Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AIR project for Sept - Authentique/May Arts

AP_MayArts_Badge Welcome to a crafting extravaganza all week featuring myself and other Artists In Residence from IMAGINE Crafts, along with the Design Team Members of Authentique Paper and May Arts Ribbon.  

 Here's My Project

Interlocking Mini Book

Recently, I came across the Japanese blog which is showing how to make interlocking notebook. It looks fabulous, also looks so easy except measuring and cutting which he did with his own acrylic template.
Instead of his template, I thought I could do with my tools and any size.
The result turned great.

-Authentique "Hermony"Sticker, Card Making Stacks, Authentic Life Cards.
-May Arts Ribbons
-Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko Radiant Neon "PINK"
  Ink Blusher

How To:

I started with Authentique's new product, CARD MAKING STACKS which has printing one side and also has prescore line The line is off center so that makes nice white border when its folded.

Make one more crease line just about 1/8"apart. Do this for all pages ( I have 7 sheets)

Stack all page sheets and secure with clips.
With Japanese Book Drill (or awl will work) make a hole between double scoring lines, at about 1-1/2" from the edge. Make sure all layers got punch holes.

Make another holes on the other side.

Take 1 sheet, and slice off inside of two holes along with creasing lines.
This sheet will be the front page. (but not back front)

For other sheets (I have 6 sheets here, you can do with less or more sheets)
remove outside parts of 2 holes.  I used scissors.
they will be the inside pages.

Stack all inside pages together, and roll up one side, try not to make folding line.
Also, remember bottom sheet will be the back front. If you want to use particular paper for the back front, place it at bottom.

Carefully run the rolled stack through center slit of front page sheet, until top and bottom cut out showing.

When all the inside page sheets come out through the slit, release roll up, make them flat. This is the basic idea of interlocking book.
So the hardest part is done. Now fun part is starting.

  When the book is closed, looks like this.  I decided this side to be the front.

Take apart tags from 12x12" paper, did a little sandling to eliminate burrs, then add some ink (Radiant NEON PINK here) for more depth.

 Hings are from Authentic Harmony Sticker Sheet.
Great for decorating and also enhancing spine.
Add borders and tag label

Keep on going to decorate each page with matching Sticker paper, Life Page paper, 6x6 and Tags.

Don't forget ribbons!! 
I used a lot of ribbons here and there, many are tied around pieces, or make bow and glued.  
Also, I made adhesive back ribbons with double sided tape.
First glue the tape down on Imagine Crafts's Craft Sheet. 
then, remove backing strip.

Apply ribbon over the tape. press and secure well.

 Tape will stick to your ribbon, now you have adhesive ribbon.
So easy to make, so fun to use!

This ribbon is applied over this page - make sure both edges are sticking out from the page.
trim them

this is how I apply ribbon edge to edge. 
Since there's tape on back, ribbon edges are no fraying.

Finally, I'll add ribbon to the cover so that the book can be tied up nicely

Make 2 holes each on back and front pages.
They should be about 1/2" inside of the edge and spine, also should be lined up straight.

Might be a little hard to see though, made 4 holes on covers.

Run ribbon starting from edge.  
In from outside, run inside, then come out from spine side hole, 
then again go in to the next hole, run inside, then come out at the edge.

Tie the ribbon, to close the book. 

There' no pic or step description from here, I just had fun to decorate inside pages. 

Back cover

Hope you enjoy my project.

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