Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jumbo Dauber work station - Finally!!

You may know I'm Jumbo Dauber lover.  For sponging, backgrounding, spreading, stippling, whatever, I take my Jumbo Dauber first, and it works most of the time.

As a result, I store them a lot, and organizing them nice has been my dream for long time, and now my dream come true.

Tie & Belt holder from local Home Depot, about 8 bucks.

Hold 1 dz. of Jumbo Dauber, woo hoo!
Good thing is, this rack stands by itself. Of course I can hang it on the wall with enclosed screws/anchors.
I can bring it on my working table when I need it, I LOOOOOOVE it

Can be used up-side down, LOL
Seriously, It stands more stable, also putting in and out from the rails is easier.

Also, I can put Dew Drop ink pads & the Jumbo Daubers.
Isn't it nice?

I've found Ink Sweepers can be placed. A-Ha!

If the Dew Drops are only thing, 2 pads can be placed each rails.

As you can see, the Ink Sweepers can be stand vertically.

I believe there more way to use...  maybe belts and ties can be stored, LOL

I'm extremely happy with this discovery!  Hope this idea inspires you.

Until next time