Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AIR project for August - Upcycle

Hi All

We AIR team member doing UPCYCLE this month.
First, I looked around my place, no problem to find some junks to be flipped (LOL) at the end, decided to pick old wooden frame which was not in use, plane pine wood.

This is how it looks now.

Stupid me... forgot to take picture of "before", but you can imagine what it was look like from following procedure.


Sponge StazOn Jet Black on to the frame.  Uneven coat is OK.

Sponging with StazOn is done 

Paint All Purpose Ink - Black Pearl with brush.  Allow to dry completely.

Cut out PHOTO Element as many as you like.

Apply Creative Medium on backside of the PHOTO Element

Adhere to the frame.  Apply more coat of Creative Medium as varnish Let it dry

Cut frame size chipboard.  Also cut foam board to frame opening size.
Adhere together

Wrap the chipboard/foam board layers with fabric.
Secure all 4 sides with tape

Set in the frame 

Add jute ribbon, simply tape it on the back.
For the cabinet knobs, drill holes and set.



StazOn - Jet Black
All Purpose Ink - Black Pearl
Creative Medium
Ink Blushers
Photo Elements

I'm so happy to make the abandoned old frame into new look and use.

Happy crafting!

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