Monday, November 18, 2013

Mini tutorial - hand made paper roses

Hi all!

I've got a request for Paper Rose tutorial, here's how.

Basically, I've learned this from many places, youtube, blogs, you name it, so can't tell which is the original, but most of them are almost same idea, so do mine.

I prefer use mulberry paper because they are sturdy, flexible yet has natural texture.

Punch patals (EK Success punch) from mulberry paper.  I use 5 pieces per flower
Put on foam or mousepad

Press center with stylus

Then press each patals center

Again press center hard to make small cup. This will be the core.

Make 5 pieces - towards right side, make cups wider and shallower.

Glue them with white glue

Adjust shape with tweezer.

That's it!!

I'm going to use them for my next project.

Thank you for visiting!

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