Sunday, April 7, 2013

AIR April Monthly Challenge

Hi all

The first project for this month is TACK N' PEEL.
If you haven't seen it, there's youtube video from Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko.

Actually, I was contributed to develop this products about a decade ago.
That time, unmounted rubber (just a rubber stamp sheet with no cushion nor wood mount) started from small rubber stamp company, I've been looking for an easy and long lasting adhesive thing for acrylic block.  To me, TACK N" PEEL is the answer because
  • can be used again and again
  • clear (getting cloudy in time though - still can see through)
  • hold stamp or other materials tightly
  • cushion effect
  • easy maintenance (just rinse with water)
  • inexpensive - stick to your acrylic block, not to stamp
Besides, there's more way to use TACK N' PEEL here's some samples.
  • Fun Foam stamp die cut or your own

  • Hold small items on working table  no more missing beads nor eyelets! Also good for holding your tools or pens from rolling out.

  • Ink Pad Handle - keep your fingers clean and easier handling for DTP/inking

  • Holder for thin material - great for edging chipboard, domino, buttons, you name it


1. Trace your acrylic block on yellow side

2. Cut

3. Remove Yellow Backing Sheet

4. Adhere to acrylic block
When you use, remove protector film
Attach UM rubber stamps *
Not only UM rubber stamps, but also old cling stamps or clear stamps which are no longer stick.
If you have problem with those, Tack N Peel is the solution. (Be careful, removing new and still-sticking-good cling or clear stamps on Tack N Peel will be hard.  So if you have happy cling/clear, use un Tack N Peel side of block) Rubber falling off  from your wood mounted stamps, can be used with Tack N' Peel.  If your old wood mounted stamps have problem with cushion (it happens often to me) put it in microwave for seconds for losing adhesive, then peel rubber. Your stamp will be brought back. Rubber it'self are lasting very very long.

 For keep your Tack N Peel good and clean, put back protector film on.  Since the film is clear, easy to lose, I put some marking on the film - and this one, using masking/washi tape.
Also there's right/wrong side on the film, and on wrong side, it stick too tight.  So, I recommend mark your film at first time.

Few more thing from my experience.

  • Avoid sticking to the paper.  It will stick, and paper fiber won't be removed.  If it happens, soak in water and scrape off paper residue. 
  • Also avoid powder materials like glitter, embossing powder, chalk, etc.   They are not easy to remove.  
  • If it's too sticky, usually happens first few times, tap on your jeans.  Fabric fibers will adjust adhesive force。

Caring is easy.  Wash with water and air dry.  That's it.

I do keep even small pieces for use in many way.  Put a small piece between the lid and liner of Briiliance/StazOn/VersaMagic lid. Put a small piece on my finger or stick for small stamp. Put a little item on my desk wall, keep my nestabilities together.  So, just keep it, you'll find more use.

I hope you enjoy Tack N Peel.


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  1. Fabulous tips, Kazuko!
    Thank you for sharing so many ideas!

    I also love Tack N Peel. I have placed some in my school pencil box to help keep my supplies in place. It works in the bottom of the box - and inside the lid - even when it is upsidedown.

    Tack N Peel is good stuff :)